The “18 Year Old” is Boo.

Phoenix man accused of beating, burning, assaulting woman – CBS 5 – KPHO.

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29 thoughts on “The “18 Year Old” is Boo.”

    1. Unfortunately yes I am sure…she just had surgery on her arm this morning and is still in ICU now (in a different state from me of course)…
      But I am sadly all too certain thid article is about my daughter.


          1. You’re a very brave, strong and beautiful person. Remember that. I am here for you, but am also there with you in spirit. I am sending a serious amount of love your way. I wish I could do more.
            (I just kissed Max for you. He’s sleeping, so won’t fight and say “yuck!”).

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear that. My heart hurts for you and her. I pray she recovers and the subhuman that hurt her receives exactly the justice he deserves sooner rather than later. I cannot imagine going through this after everything you have endured and survived so far. I wish you strength to do what you need to for you and your Daughter. When something like this happens, it reminds me of the Evil that roams this planet and what my Grands future world will be? Praying this subhuman meets its end before it hurts anyone else. Bless you, my dear Friend. You don’t deserve this heartache.


  2. May he NEVER see the light of day, and may he rot in jail for many many years! NO woman should EVER be treated like that!


  3. Jesus fucking christ. The question, inevitably, is who are these monsters and where do they come from?–but I’m not sure I want to know. This–even without the personal connection (and it is personal now, for all of us who think of you as a friend is some strange electronic ethereal way)–fills me less with sadness than it does thoughts of violence. How small and selfish of me. to think of easing the weight of disgusted despair? And worse now, to waste this space by confessing. Be strong. Make sure she knows you love her even if she thinks it doesn’t matter (because knowing it matters, despite how long it takes to sink in, just hearing it matters), Make sure you know that we love you, too, in our own weird world of pseudonyms and charged particles ricocheting around the world.


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