“You get justice in the next world; in this one you have the law.”
~ William Gaddis

I’m not angry at her; it’s hardly her fault at all – what she has become. I am angry at myself, at her monster of a sperm donor, and at the failed juvenile courts system of the United States of America. I am angry at the useless social workers who weren’t paying any attention to what I told them when I reached out for help with her so long ago; I am angry at the many handfuls of children’s services that miserably disappointed her needs back then; I am angry at the laughable façade called the JUSTICE that remains only through legend and lore.
I am angry at the judge who has sat back for over six years now and watched with a wretched smile as my only child has been spiritually battered to death under her “care”; I am angry at the court-appointed legal representative that gets paid to protect my daughter’s rights as a clueless child in the midst of a heinously constructed legal process; I am angry that my community doesn’t give a shit about my daughter’s demise; I am angry at the various grown men (at least one of them, an employee of above mentioned failed court system) who saw it fitting to have sex with my underage child, beginning when she was only eleven years old.
I am angry at the case worker who claims to love my daughter and truly care for her…she is undoubtedly the BIGGEST piece of shit breathing air at present – the one who could and should have stopped many things many times, but didn’t. I HATE HER. And, I hate nobody else in the Universe.


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7 thoughts on “HATE.”

  1. The courts fail children in their “care” the world over and society collectively turns a blind eye hoping someone else deals with it. It stinks.
    I wish I had answers, but I didn’t want to just like your post. Without acknowledging it.

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  2. you and she were so robbed, you were railroaded, and this is waaay to common in our system. the system isn’t there to ‘help the family stay intact’ the system is there to separate the family and be damned what the fallout is, especially for the child they say they are protecting. this system railroads everyone it can, which is almost everyone, except those who have the money and stature to buy them off.

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      1. and they, the people we come into contact with, are so superior and judging. every little detail of your life is used to disparage you, as evidence against you. to them, you have not one good thing about you. you are trash, worthless, beyond ‘saving’/helping, they are so glib, as they pick apart and destroy your life meticulously, piece by piece.

        sorry, little rant of my own there. i hated the social worker my kids had, i hated the judge, and the cps and guardian ad litem. i know a small fraction of what you are going thru and i am so so sorry.

        be angry, vent, get it out. eventually, start to heal, start to pick up some of the pieces of your life. some will be broken, but you can find new, new life, to go with the old pieces. and you can move forward to a new place, a new you. mind, i am not saying tomorrow, i am saying when you have healed enough to start the process. i hope you have access to a therapist or great best friend to help you with all this. warm and caring thoughts sent your way.

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