The “18 Year Old” is Boo.

Phoenix man accused of beating, burning, assaulting woman – CBS 5 – KPHO.

The Price

This past weekend, my parents went to visit Boo out of state for Boo’s seventeenth birthday. I could not go. I did not want to go. I knew that something bad was going to happen by the way that she has been talking to them on the phone leading up to their wasted and painful trip…I don’t want to be used anymore by people, not even my only child.

“You guys need to buy me a nice little dress that I can wear; not something too dressy, something I can get dirty in…” is what she had declared over the line just a few days prior to their departure flight at the airport to see her. I told them as soon as that phone call ended that if they bought her a dress that she can get “dirty in”, she would bail out on them and run away to be pimped out by some disgusting grown man, as she always does when given the slightest opportunity.

YES, my child is teenaged prostitute by choice. YES, she does things that scream loudly how miserable she feels about herself, she displays the worst type of PTSD: the kind that continuously undoes any “progress” she’s able to forge in her own “recovery”. YES – my only child is a train wreck…and it breaks my heart too much to bear most times, but I know that she is nowhere near ready to begin to heal; therefore, I have chosen to keep my distance from her so as not to antagonize our already crumbling “relationship” to one another.

Point in case:

When my parents arrived and picked Boo up from the locked facility in which she has been court-ordered to reside indefinitely past her eighteenth birthday because of worsening mental health issues, Boo seemed to be happy to see them and they picked her up without incident and continued on to their hotel room. It was Friday night, my mother and step father had been traveling all day and were exhausted of course.

Within an hour, Boo was itching to go to Wal-Mart because she claimed to need some toiletries for a shower etc. My step father (who has been Boo’s ONLY consistent male presence throughout her lifetime, might I add bitterly) finally broke down and agreed to take her there, against his own better judgment of course. She bolted from him in the parking lot and ran straight into a mini-van full of strange, grown men on the expressway. My stepdad, needless to say, diligently chased the vehicle in his rental car for several miles.

During this time, Boo apparently had told the men in the van that she didn’t know my step dad and that he had been chasing her with a gun and trying to kill her. The men, who had no clue what was going on, were concerned for her safety and pulled over to the side of the road, where all six of them got out and waited for my step father to pull in before proceeding to beat him senseless. Boo watched the whole thing happen from inside the van, too.

He is lucky he wasn’t beaten to death…my heart feels so torn by this latest piece of unbelievable heinousness put forth by my own flesh and blood…

Her own grandfather, someone who’s been her staunchest ally and always had her back, even when her grandmother and I had given up on her and said it was no use to keep hurting ourselves by trusting her or believing her, he has stood by her and not wavered. It breaks my heart what he has had to go through this past week, recovering from a violent attack on his already degenerating body. It makes my blood boil to know that she sat there and watched him be beaten almost to death, based on a lie that she told in order to serve her own warped needs and desires…

I can’t apologize enough to my stepfather, it’s hard not to look him in his eye now, with every word that I speak to him…I feel so deeply bad and regretful whenever I look at his swollen and disfigured face – hoping to see a glint of anger or betrayal or realization when it comes to Boo and what he has just endured…

Yesterday, he burst into tears – full blown grown man tears – and says, “I just wish I could protect her…”

I know exactly what he means, how he feels…

My Daughter, the Teenaged Prostitute.

This is really hard for me to write about publicly, but innocence is much more important than my own pride right now; so I am going to spread what I perceive as being urgent to the world:


And your daughter is just as much at risk as anyone’s.


My daughter had been missing again for 19 days until yesterday morning when she was picked up by the local police on the track downtown; she had been hostage to a pimp who was subsequently arrested as part of a multi-agency sting operation with the goal to liberate children who are victims to the underage prostitution rings that have become a huge nationwide problem. My daughter was nearly unrecognizable even to me – her mom – after only 19 days on the streets; both of her eyes were swollen closed and she was delirious from drugs and lack of sleep. She was angry as hell that she had been plucked from her gig somehow, too. My heart felt like it was dripping slowly down the inside of my chest to see my only child this way; but sadly it’s nothing new.

Now, she at the hospital being treated for her many wounds ranging from two broken feet to various head and face traumas to cigarette and meth-pipe burns to internal damage that I’d prefer not to to disclose (though, any woman might only imagine). She smelled awful, she was unintelligible; and has become the focus of a very serious police investigation – against her will, of course, as during her AWOL, she witnessed three shootings (one fatal) and jumped from a three-story building. I’m at a loss.

Why would my daughter continuously CHOOSE to runaway to such nightmarish situations and circumstances, when she has a family and “normalcy”? Where did I go so totally wrong that she’d prefer such an existence to one of safety and security?

Anyway, upon talking all night with the police, I’m learning that this has become an epidemic problem in my area, and abroad – grown men “touring” the streets to have sex with handfuls of underage, disturbingly low-cost girls – human sex trafficking/child sex tourism.

RIGHT HERE IN MY CITY, right here in my own child’s battered face and body…