Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire.

Even now, despite the plethora of deceit and heinousness that has compiled on top of one another, born of the procedures thrown together in a book of law, I somehow find it difficult to actually accept the true nature of the Child Welfare System in America.

What once was imagined as becoming a safe haven of legal protections for the victims of child abuse and neglect, has evolved into a dreadfully offensive and irreparably damaging entity; an entity with complete control and power over the children in the community. This notion wouldn’t bother me so much if the entity in question was even half interested in doing its job, if it was able to collectively give a fuck about the children it claims to offer protection to.

Sadly, the reality is that this dark corner of the justice system has become nothing more than an industrial vacuum; its suction has caused, and continues to create the likes of Living Hell for thousands of children and parents, alike. I know this to be true, I am one of them – and I exist in the Hell that the Department of Family & Children’s Services cultivated and turned into my daily life of mental strain and anguish, constantly teetering on insanity from being pushed so far into that realm of existence and expected to survive and remain as “functional”. This life that the county government, with its bullshit policies and procedures, the façade of an “ombudsperson”, the fucking mockery of the term JUSTICE.

The DFCS has gradually overturned my rule within my own future and its course; rendering me helpless and hopeless in the dust of my own travels towards Hell. The Department, with its sickening number of non-English speaking employees who seem to have undergone a heart removal surgery of some kind, operates under the safety of legal immunity and procedural safeguards for its employees; while the parents of children stolen, alienated manipulated to play along, are strung up from a tree and whipped publicly for perceived wrong-doings in the very same eyes that operate such a failing system. We (the stripped-down parents) exist in a wasteland of former hopes and dreams and laughter, with only the ghosts of our pasts to hold conversations with…is it any surprise that we’d eventually talk those ghosts into taking hostages and getting shit done?  The alternative for us is a life void of any quality, our children gone and our souls hollowed to the point of exquisite pain that only worsens over time.

Perversity in the system is bad enough; but an ENTIRE industry created by the courts and child protection agencies who don’t give a shit about any of the kids or their individual safety – I KNOW THIS TO BE TRUE. The system is designed to maintain perverse incentives to keep families apart and adopt kids into new families as a means of keeping certain stipends and funding measures flowing to the local governments??? Really??? What about the kids that need protection or support or structure? Forget about them, right?

….to be continued